Our simulations are aligned to the following standards.

Common Core

We’ve aligned our materials to the “Literacy in History/Social Studies” standards, which are divided into Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The text of the applicable standards in included in the printed version of each simulation and are available here (PDF).

You can get the complete History/Social Studies document here or visit the common core website. The standards for History/Social Studies can be found under English/Language Arts (ELA)-Literacy. Click here to go to that page of the standards. Then you can poke around for find the high school ones. Since reading, writing, listening and speaking (the four ELA competency areas)  are essential skills in social studies as well as ELA these are covered under ELA rather than a separate social studies set.

Our simulations are also aligned to these:

National and State Civics Standards


Center for Civic Education (CCE)

National Economics – NCEE

CA Government and Economics Standards