Did My Bill Pass? –
A Model Legislature

This activity simulates the workings of Congress. It follows as closely as is practical the way Congress actually operates. Your students are divided into Democrats and Republicans in the same ratio as in the current U.S. Congress. Two classes can work together—one acting as the Senate and the other as the House of Representatives.

PolfullCR72SmrThe students elect congressional leaders, represent regions of the U.S., write bills, serve on committees and arguein the full House or Senate. They must deal with lobbyists and create political strategies to get their bills through the entire process (introduction, passage by both chambers, conference committee and onto the president’s desk). As the current president, you sign or veto any bills that complete the entire process.

The simulation includes a teacher’s guide, student instructions, the necessary forms and evaluation/assessment materials. Our materials are up-to-date for the 113th Congress, Second Session (January, 2014). We’ll be updating for the 114 Congress, First Session which begins on January 3, 2015 after the results of the November 2014 elections.