Running for Office –
The Politics of Elections

Students take polls, give speeches, raise money, debate, create ads, websites and blogs, in other words, run a political campaign. Learn more

Did My Bill Pass? –
A Model Legislature

Students write bills on current issues, deal with lobbyists, serve on committees, debate on the House or Senate floor, show party loyalty and act just like real members of Congress. Learn more

Puttin’ on the Robes –
A Judicial Simulation

Includes all three levels of the court system. Students act as jurors, attorneys or witnesses in a trial; write briefs and argue them before the Court of Appeals or the U. S. Supreme court; portray one of the justices, deliberate and issue opinions. Learn More

Taxation With Representation
– The Politics of Economics

Taxation With Representation is a flexible, cross-curricular, model legislature-based simulation that’s designed to be used in both economics and government/civics classes. It focuses on the interplay between taxes and politics. Students draft tax bills, argue them in committees and in the full House or Senate where they are required to produce one compromise bill. Learn More

$$$ Is Speech –
Citizens United v. FEC

There are four activities included in this packet which allow students to:

  • Argue the case in an appellate court format
  • Discuss the issues in Congress
  • Discuss the issues in a political campaign
  • Have a debate
  • Learn More


    Battleground States –

    A Tug-of-War for Hearts, Minds, Votes

    In the four elections this century (2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012), five state have essentially determined who became president. In this fast-paced simulation, you and your student simulate this process and maybe even predict who will win in 2016! Those five states are the focus of this simulation.

    Learn more