The Econogame©
Table Of Contents (abbreviated)

Overview and Standards

Integrating the Game With Your Curriculum
Setting up the Game
Quarter 1 — Learning to PlayConcepts: Price, Competition, Entrepreneur, Profit
Quarter 2 — Getting the Hang of ItConcepts: Supply and Demand, Markets, Equilibrium Prices, Corporations
Quarter 3 — Adding Some CurvesConcepts: Gov’t Spending, Tech Breakthrough, Unions, Incentives
Quarter 4 — Year-End Accounting and Setting the Tax RateConcepts: Profit and Loss, Tax Policy (Graduated v. Flat Taxes)
Quarter 5 — Paying TaxesConcepts: Intro to Fed. Budget, Fiscal Policy, Nominal and Real GDP
Quarter 6 — Macro Econ. The Government’s Role in the EconomyConcepts: Monetary Policy, The Fed, Interest Rates, More Fiscal Policy
Quarter 7 — Introducing TradeConcepts: Foreign Trade, Tariffs
Quarter 8 — More Trade, Foreign CurrencyConcepts: Foreign Currency and Trade
Wrapping UPNominal and Real GDP cont. Accounting and Taxes
Student Instructions and “The Rules”
Forms (examples)
Bank Forms: (loan contract, checks, loan payment checkoff)
Incorporation and Partnership Forms
Tax Forms (Simplified 1040, Schedule C, 1120—Corporate)