Need some ideas for Constitution Day?

September 17 is federally-mandated Constitution Day. Here are 17  lessons and lesson ideas to help you celebrate!

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The Constitution forbids certain things, e.g., ex post facto laws. Can you think of other and explain why/how they violate the Constitution.

Do We Need a 28th Amendment?
What, if anything would you add to the Constitution?

Fair Taxation? Yes, But How?

Which is more fair a flat or graduated tax system?/td>

But Can I Get a Patent for It?

Create something that you think can be patented/td>

Immigration to the Planet Hoth

What rules would you make for immigration to a distant planet

The Flap About Mud Flaps

Regulating Interstate Commerce

28th Amendment

What would it be?

Ode to the Constitutional

Write a poem about the Constitution. Then make the poems into a collage.

Illustrate the Constitution

Draw some aspect of the Constitution that is important to you.

Bill of Rights Skits
Create a skit that demonstrates one of the Bill of Rights

Federalism – You May Be Out of Luck

When are powers shared between the feds and the states and when can the federal government preempt the field?

Guess Who?
Students dress up as a Founding Father (or mother) and present information about their person.

Is That Right? – Let’s Debate
Did the Founding Fathers Make the right choices about such things as two houses of congress?

Debate on Privacy

How does/can the Constitution protect it? Is it enough?

Constitution Skits

Create a short skit demonstrating some part of the Constitution


What would it be like if there were no political parties?

Make Your Own Constitution
What would it include?
Your Own Ideas